Is anyone allowed in the inlet or spillway areas of Swan Lake?

No one is allowed in the inlet (large culvert pipes under Eddy Road where water flows from Wildflower Lake in Old Farms Gardens into Swan Lake) or the spillway (including the open concrete spillway enclosed in split rail fencing, the large culvert pipes under Prenzler Dr., and the natural water runoff area enclosed in chain link fencing between Prenzler Dr. and the Constitution Trail), with the exception of authorized maintenance personnel. Children playing in these areas is strictly prohibited, as the areas are inherently dangerous and present a major risk for injury. Both the spillway and the natural water runoff area have “Danger – Keep Out” signs posted on the split rail and chain link fences. If you see children or unauthorized people in these areas, please remind them that they are not supposed to be there and request that they leave immediately.

Categories: General OFL Info, Lake Information