OFL Members

The OFLPOA Covenants and Restrictions (Article III, Section 1) state that every person with an ownership interest in a lot within the boundaries of the OFL subdivision is a member of the Association. There are 375 lots in the subdivision. The members of the Association are required to abide by and to carry out the responsibilities as set forth in the Covenants and Restrictions. Members interested in serving on the OFL Board of Directors, should review the Volunteer to Serve on OFL Board article and contact the OFLPOA Board.

Helpful links for OFLPOA members:

Member Registration
The Board sends important emails to OFL members regarding neighborhood safety concerns, incidents of vandalism, and key Association business. To receive these important communications, you must register your email with the Board.

Providing your email not only keeps you informed, it also saves the Association money since mandatory communications, like the annual budget, are sent electronically by email instead of US Mail to registered members. If you live in the Old Farm Lakes subdivision and haven’t already done so, please register your email to ensure you stay informed of important happenings in the OFL subdivision. Confidentiality and privacy are maintained for all information provided.

Facebook Group
OFLPOA has a closed Facebook group for members to get to know neighbors, post lost and found items and obtain contractor referrals. Association members can obtain access by searching for Old Farm Lakes POA on Facebook and requesting to join.

Annual Association Dues
Association dues for all property owners in Old Farm Lakes are $225 per year. Annual dues are low compared to many other homeowner associations in the Bloomington/Normal area, especially for all that the Association maintains and the benefits provided to members. Property owners receive a notice to pay their annual OFLPOA dues in early January and the dues are to be paid by February 1. If you don’t receive your annual dues notice during the first week of January, please contact the OFL Treasurer. You can make online payment on Annual Dues Payment page.

When listing your property for sale, or at the closing of the sale, most banks, attorneys, and real estate agencies require a letter from the OFL Homeowners Association stating annual dues are paid. Contact the OFL Treasurer to request a letter confirming your dues are paid for the current year. To ensure you have the letter when you need it, please allow at least a week’s notice.