OFL Property Owner Common Courtesy

As a homeowner in the Old Farm Lakes subdivision, you share ownership in approximately 20 acres of well-maintained common property with 375 other Old Farm Lakes homeowners.

In the Old Farm Lakes subdivision, we have:

    • Eight acres of landscaped land surrounding our lakes including: a large grassy area between the lakes, fenced lot off Prenzler Drive next to the spillway, and tree-lined berm along Oakland Avenue
    • Two beautiful lakes, stocked with fish, with over eleven acres of surface area; Swan Lake is the larger of the two and Fountain Lake is the one with the lighted fountain
    • Our signature windmill and entrance sign mark the main entrance to our subdivision at Old Farm Road and Oakland Avenue
    • A well-equipped playground near the lakes for our children’s enjoyment
    • Over a mile and a half of private walkways around the lakes

Common Property
This common property is there for all Old Farm Lake members to enjoy and to help care for. We all have the responsibility to not only help maintain the beautiful appearance of our common property, but to also be courteous and respectful to others who use the common property. No one should ever act as if they solely own any part of the Old Farm Lake common property. From time-to-time, some Old Farm Lake members have done so.

Everyone should always clean up after themselves:

    • Empty cans, bottles, and wrappers should never be left on the common property
    • When you use the common property always take your trash home with you

Sidewalk Etiquette
Sidewalk etiquette is important. Members are asked to be aware of others around them at all times and to be courteous and respectful to those you meet. The sidewalks need to be shared when passing others in either direction. They are standard width pedestrian sidewalks by design.

People walking always have the right-of-way:

    • People on bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters or running must yield to walkers and should not expect people walking to get out-of-the-way as they pass by in either direction
    • The person moving the fastest is to yield the sidewalk to walkers and go by without forcing the walker off the sidewalk
    • City law requires everyone to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians on sidewalks and to give an audible signal to announce themselves before overtaking and passing a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk

       People walking pets need to be considerate of others:

    • Pets (both cats and dogs) must be on leash when not on your own property
      • City law requires pets to be on a leash
    • Pets must always be controlled by their owner so as not to frighten or intimidate others using the common property
    • Pets should be kept off adjoining private property
    • Pet owners must immediately pick up after their pets on the common property
    • City law requires pet owners to pick up after their pets
    • Bags of pet waste should be disposed of properly
      • Most pet owners do and that is greatly appreciated

Fishing Etiquette
The lakes are stocked with fish for the recreational enjoyment of all Old Farm Lake members. The fish are not intended to provide a constant supply of food for one’s table. Limiting the amount of fish taken from the lakes preserves the enjoyment of good fishing into the future and helps forego the expense of having to frequently restock the lakes.

  • Fish can be kept, except bass, to eat but catch and release fishing is highly encouraged
  • The daily fishing catch sizes and limits are posted in the Reminders section of the website.
    • Please abide by these guidelines
  • Using devices other than hand-held fishing poles to catch fish is not permitted
  • Guests can fish the lakes but must be accompanied by a homeowner at all times and they too must abide by all OFL fishing rules and guidelines

Never Throw Rocks into the Lakes
No one should ever throw rocks into the lakes. The rocks around the shoreline are there to prevent erosion. While throwing a rock to create a splash or skipping one across the water is tempting, the end result can be both dangerous and costly. Please inform children not to throw rocks as they might injure others and the rocks are very costly to replace.

The OFL Board asks that everyone practice these common courtesies so everyone can share equally in the enjoyment of our wonderful common property.