Volunteer to Serve on OFLPOA Board

Any OFL Member Can Serve on the OFLPOA Board
The OFLPOA Covenants and Restrictions (Article III, Section 1) state that every person with an ownership interest in a lot within the boundaries of the OFL subdivision is a member of the Association. There are 375 lots in the subdivision. The members of the Association are required to abide by and carry out the responsibilities as set forth in the Covenants and Restrictions. Because these responsibilities need to be carried out in a timely and expedient manner, the Association must operate through an elected Board of Directors as specified in the Covenants (Article III, Section 5). A Board Member must be a lot owner in the Old Farm Lakes subdivision. Board membership is totally voluntary and Board Members must serve without compensation.

Board Members Elected at the Annual Association Meeting
The Association By-Laws (Exhibit D) state that at each annual Association meeting, the membership in attendance at that meeting shall elect members to serve as the Association’s Board of Directors. The Board is to consist of nine members, who serve two-year terms. Board Members may succeed themselves by running for re-election to another two-year term. To provide continuity, by not having a complete turnover of Board membership in one year, the two-year terms of four Board Members expire one year and the other five member’s two-year terms expire in the alternate year. Any vacancies on the Board shall be filled by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board membership. At the next annual Association meeting, the seat will be up for election of an Association member to fill the balance of the term of the vacated Board seat.

Board Officers – President, Treasurer, and Secretary
An Association President, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected by the Board membership. The term of these elected officers coincides with their term as an elected Board Member. In the year their Board membership ends, whether or not they are re-elected to the Board, which Board Members serve in officer positions will again be determined by the Board of Directors. A Board Member can be re-elected to an officer position.

Board Member Responsibilities
Acting on the behalf of the full Association membership, the main duty of the Board is to carry out the obligations and responsibilities of the Association to abide by the requirements of the OFL Covenant and Restrictions. They have many responsibilities. Two major activities are establishing an annual budget and assessing and collecting from all lot owners their respective share of the expenses. The Board can levy special assessments to be used to pay for the cost of capital improvements or extraordinary maintenance, repair or replacement on or of the common property. They are required to assure that all lot owners pay their equal share of the annual or special assessment. 

The Board makes all arrangements for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property and carries out the administrative operations of the Association. To protect the common properties, and Association members as a whole, they set guidelines on how the common properties can be utilized. They Board conducts an annual Association membership meeting for the primary purpose of electing Board Members and seeking membership approval of the annual budget. They meet as a Board at least four times a year to conduct Association business. The Board communicates with Association members, as required by the By-Laws, and calls the Association membership together for special meetings as appropriate.

OFL Covenants and Restrictions
The Covenants also include a set of restrictions regarding what homeowners can do and must do to their property. Through an Architectural Review Committee, the Board must review and approve all plans submitted by homeowners for any changes to their property. Board Members need to be representative of the entire Association membership to the extent possible constrained by the requirements of the Covenants and Restrictions, since it is a legal document. Board Members should be dedicated to preserving and improving the OFL subdivision and to enforce the Covenants to the extent practically possible. Board membership requires a lot of time, energy, and commitment. Board Members should be able to accept criticism.

Interested in Volunteering to Serve on the OFL Board?
If you are interested in being part of this challenging but rewarding work, take note of announcements in the month prior to the annual Association meeting, on what to do to become an OFL Board of Director. Or contact the OFL President.