Can I Feed the Waterfowl on or Near the Lakes?

Feeding Waterfowl Prohibited on Association Property
Feeding the waterfowl on our lakes may seem like a great thing to do, but it only creates problems. Therefore, feeding waterfowl on OFLPOA property (i.e. lakes, common ground, sidewalks, berms and playground) is prohibited.

The waterfowl can become dependent on this easy source of food. This may encourage them to stay year around instead of migrating and end up starving when the food source is not available in the winter.

The ducks and geese are grazing animals. They will eat the grass down to the roots especially during winter months causing damage to our lawns.

We all know that geese produce a lot of waste. When spring arrives, this excrement dries out and can easily become airborne and cause respiratory diseases especially in children who love to play in the grassy areas around our lakes. Feeding the geese and ducks adds to existing concerns of their waste making our sidewalks around the lakes difficult, and for some impossible, to use.

Do not feed the waterfowl on association property. Any and all association members have the right and the responsibility to inform any persons that are violating this OFLPOA rule.

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