Can I park a trailer on the street or in my lot?

It depends, and only for a very short period of time. The OFL Covenants (Article IX – Parking) restrict the parking of trailers of all types on the street or on the lot in the Old Farm Lakes subdivision for more than 24 hours. The Board realizes that homeowners with recreational vehicles or trailers need some time to load and unload the vehicle or trailer, so the vehicle or trailer is allowed to be on-site for a day or two for this purpose. If the vehicle or trailer is on-site longer than this, the Board will request for the vehicle or trailer to be removed.

According to City of Bloomington ordinances, at no time can anyone sleep or stay in such vehicles or trailers while on the street or on a lot. The same guideline is true for boat trailers and utility trailers.

Category: Covenants & Restrictions