Are above ground swimming pools allowed in OFL?

No. The OFLPOA Covenants (Article IX – Recreational Facilities) clearly state that there shall be no above ground swimming pools under any circumstances. Small, kid’s inflatable ‘wading pools’ have been around for years and are allowed to be up during the summer. Wading pools are usually small (under two feet in height and no more than eight to ten feet across) and obviously a temporary recreational facility.

The Board has defined what will be considered an ‘above ground pool’ in regards to the Covenant restriction. The City of Bloomington considers any structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing that is designed to hold water over 24 inches deep to be a swimming pool. The Board feels that this is a good criterion and will use the same definition for an above ground pool. Any above ground pool that can contain water over 24 inches deep is not in compliance with the OFLPOA Covenants. It does not matter how much water is actually in the pool. It is what the pool by design is capable of holding that is used as the criteria.

Category: Covenants & Restrictions