What is in the Lake Treatments?

Marine Biochemists provide lake treatment for both of our lakes. Their specialty is providing sustainable solutions to enhance the beauty of the lake, improve water quality, preserve natural resources, and reduce environmental impact. The health of the lakes and all living things in and around our lakes is a priority of the OFLPOA Board.

Marine Biochemists professionally manages our lake water quality, including weed/algae treatments, aeration systems, fountain, and consulting on lake water issues. This professional lake management company only uses government-approved products. The products currently used are far superior to more dangerous chemicals of the past. Applied by educated and trained professionals, these products are not harmful to fish, waterfowl. animals and, most importantly, people. In fact. products used on neighborhood lawns, driveways, and streets that flow into our lakes with every rain are more harmful to fish, waterfowl, animals, and people.

They also measure water oxygen levels for safety in applying these products. Prior to the installation of our aeration systems in 2019, they were often unable to treat our lakes for extended periods during the summer months. The aeration has solved this problem and helped improve our lake quality. The big reasons for our weed and algae challenges, like some other neighborhoods and small lakes/ponds, are slow sloping shallow shorelines, which are safer and help with erosion, and overall shallow depths throughout – no deeper than 9 feet and mostly between 7 to 8 feet.

In addition, we treat the lakes with bacterial treatments for the oversaturated nitrates and “muck” on the lake bottom. This is a monthly treatment (April through October) in conjunction/coordination with our algae/weed treatments.

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