I have a dog/cat – do I have to keep them on a leash?

Yes. City ordinances require pet owners to keep their pets on leashes and to pick up the waste from their pets. Many very responsible OFL pet owners do so diligently. But unfortunately some don’t. Additionally, some pet owners allow cats, as well as dogs, to roam the neighborhood or to be off-leash while walking with their owner.

Some pet owners, even when they have their pet on leash, allow the pet to go into neighbor’s yards where they urinate on the plants and grass. Please respect the property of your neighbors and their right to feel safe when outdoors by keeping your pets on leash and controlling where they do their business.

People walking pets need to be considerate of others:

  • Pets (both cats and dogs) must be on leash when not on your own property
    • City law requires pets to be on a leash
  • Pets must always be controlled by their owner so as not to frighten or intimidate others using the common property
  • Pets should be kept off adjoining private property
  • Pet owners must immediately pick up after their pets on the common property
  • City law requires pet owners to pick up after their pets
  • Bags of pet waste should be disposed of properly
    • Most pet owners do and that is greatly appreciated
Category: Covenants & Restrictions