How do I report problems or concerns in the OFL subdivision?

Whenever you see something suspicious occurring in the subdivision, or a criminal act has occurred, report it immediately to the Bloomington Police Department. If you feel it is a non-emergency, call 820-8888, otherwise dial 911. Vandalism often goes unreported and unfortunately the police may not be aware of the need for increased patrols in our area.

Please report all such events and also notify the OFL Board. There may be a recurring pattern or a wide-spread problem emerging. Hearing from several homeowners will make the Board aware of the issue and we may also communicate with the police. The Board sends out email alerts to all registered homeowners when theft or vandalism concerns are brought to our attention. To receive email alerts, you must be registered with the Board.

You can view reports of recent crimes in the surrounding area using the interactive crime map on the Bloomington Police Department website. For assistance using the tool, reference the Crime Mapping Brochure in the Publications section on the City of Bloomington’s website.

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