Are there any OFL fishing rules?

Yes, the following rules are closely enforced to ensure quality fishing for years to come:

  • Fishing is for OFLPOA members and guests ONLY
  • Guests MUST be accompanied at all times by an OFLPOA member
    (Please do not tell family and friends that are not OFLPOA members that they can fish in our lakes)
  • OFLPOA lakes are Catch and Release only, this allows us to preserve the fish population
    • Returning fish to the water immediately increases the probability they will live and remain healthy
    • Fish kept on a stringer or in containers, that are later released, often die
    • It is unknown if it is safe to eat fish from the lakes, consuming fish caught in OFLPOA lakes is at your own risk and in violation of our catch and release policy
  • Fishing is allowed from 5:00 am to 10:00 p.m. only, absolutely no fishing outside these hours
  • Fishing is with fishing poles only, no other methods are allowed
  • Clean up all litter – never leave trash around the lakes
  • Excess noise is not allowed, please be respectful of your neighbors
  • Stay on association property, there is no reason to go on neighbors’ private property while fishing on our lakes
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