Plan Submission Process

Please keep in mind that regardless of what restrictions are specifically stated in the Covenants or in the architecture policies, plans for any modification to your property must be submitted to the Architecture Review Committee (2 copies) and approved before any changes are made.

The Covenants also clearly state that the approval of any plans is not a waiver of the Committee’s right to withhold approval of a similar plan. Each request is evaluated on its own merits. Impact on adjacent neighbors and the overall harmony with surrounding structures and topography are variables that affect the decision.

Submit your plans to the Committee members for review. They will act on your plans promptly and return the plans with a cover letter indicating whether the plans, as submitted, are approved. If they have concerns with your plans, they will discuss the concerns with you to see if adjustments can be made to allow you to go forward with the changes to your property.

People often ask when do I need to submit a plan and when do I not need to do so? Many changes will obviously have no problems being approved but the Covenants clearly state any change should be reviewed. The best action is to submit a plan on any change no matter how minor it seems to be. Best to be safe than sorry.

OFLPOA architectural restrictions are documented in the Covenants and Restrictions (Article IX).